I call on the power of the MoonBat. All College Professors, Art Directors, Newspaper Editors, Overpaid TV Reporters, Anyone else with a IQ of 80 or Below. Heed the call of MoonBatman.

Emily Good is guilt of a crime. The Police Union just need to get it add to the books.

Emily Good is guilt of a crime. The Police Union just need to get it add to the books. Charges Against Emily Good Dropped
Locust Club President Mike Mazzeo says he'll lobby for changes in the law to protect officers and allow them to do the job for which they are trained.
"We have people with agendas out there and we can't allow these agendas to, God forbid, allow one of our officers or another individual to get hurt," said Mazzeo. "That's the issue."

Join the police unions in supporting laws that prevent people from filming the police since that may expose actions of Law Enforcement that the public does not understand is necessary and is not police corruption and misconduct.

Violating Policemen rights by filming them leads to anti-police sentiments that caused Poplawski actions.

Embrace the new tone and shut up about Jordan Miles and other so-called examples of police corruption and misconduct.

Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police.

"You have 960,000 police officers in this country, and millions of contacts between those officers and citizens. I’ll bet you can’t name 10 incidents where a citizen video has shown a police officer to have lied on a police report," Pasco says. "Letting people record police officers is an extreme and intrusive response to a problem that’s so rare it might as well not exist. It would be like saying we should do away with DNA evidence because there’s a one in a billion chance that it could be wrong. At some point, we have to put some faith and trust in our authority figures."
whether citizens should be arrested and sent to prison for recording cops. I mention Michael Allison’s case to Pasco, and ask if he supports the Illinois law.
"I don’t know anything about that case, but generally it sounds like a sensible law and a sensible punishment," Pasco says. "Police officers don’t check their civil rights at the station house door."

Houston Police Chief: Citizen Recordings of Violent, Thuggish Police Officers May Lead to Violent, Thuggish Behavior Against Police Officers
Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland went on the defensive Thursday during a meeting with local journalists, saying officers have made recent traffic stops in which residents leave their vehicles to take pictures or shoot video — encounters he says could endanger officers and that have increased following the release of the Chad Holley beating footage.
“Officers are telling me that they’re being provoked,” the chief said. “Even when they try to write a simple traffic ticket, people are jumping out with cell phone cameras scanning their badge numbers and their nametags. And I’ve asked them to remain calm and treat people with respect and dignity.”
McClelland said he is concerned that an intensifying anti-police sentiment in the community could increase negative interactions between Houston Police Department officers and residents.
“This rhetoric can give someone a free pass to try to assault a police officer or kill a police officer, and I’m not going to allow that,” he said. “My officers should be able to go out here and work in the neighborhoods and keep this city safe without fear and without hesitation.”

Fox Noise must be destroyed!!!!1!

Fox News must be silenced, and Progressives everywhere support Media Matters and anyone else who is working to shut them down. 

Once the sloping-forehead sheeple in flyover country are no longer fed a diet of Fox News lies they will stop voting against their own interests and begin to elect the Progressive politicians who will usher in an era of social justice and equality for all.

There is no room in this country for a media empire built on fear and lies.  Free speech is OK up to a point, but dangerous fascists like Fox News should not be allowed to spew their garbage.  They must be shut down, hopefully jailed.

Then we will have the Progressive future we all deserve.

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