I call on the power of the MoonBat. All College Professors, Art Directors, Newspaper Editors, Overpaid TV Reporters, Anyone else with a IQ of 80 or Below. Heed the call of MoonBatman.

Support the Federal Law Enforcement Bill of Rights.

1) 1st Rule of Policing: Police have the right and the duty to go home at the end of each watch. It does not matter how many non-law enforcement personnel are injured or killed or have their “rights” violated to achieve this goal as Police are entitled to impunity for their violence and protection from harm above all others.
2) Sealing of all law enforcement records from the public.
3) Police are entitled to absolute privacy when performing their duties. Police should only be required to identify themselves only in the arrest warrant or report if used in court.
4) Police officers can seize and delete any video and/or audio of wiretapping/eavesdropping Police Officers in public as it violates their privacy and distracts from their duties and jeopardizes Officer safely.
A Automatic search warrant and SWAT raid is authorized for anyone in possession of video and/or audio of wiretapping/eavesdropping Police Officers in public.
5) Police officer statements override any video or audio evidence as the officers' reasonable perceptions are more accurate. Video or audio footage does not capture the physical struggle from the officers' perspective, nor does it capture the officers' reasonable, split-second decision-making and thought processes in tense circumstances. This is the case especially when the video or audio is gathered by illegally wiretapping/eavesdropping Police Officers in public.
6) Citizens must provide ID and must allow themselves to being searched by Law Enforcement when so ordered by Police.
7) Repeal Anti Police excessive force, false arrest and civil rights violations laws that jeopardize Officer safely.
8) Any videos from Police equipment should only be used in court and/or be released to the public with the approval of all police officers being filmed to protect their privacy.
9) Reporting and Statistics about Police misconduct, shootings, and use of SWAT should illegal to be collected or published as they may inflame anti police sentiment jeopardizing Officer safely. violating the Officers’ privacy and renders police vulnerable to unfounded scrutiny".
10) Police officer should be exempt from all making false statements laws
11) Police officers should only be tried by a special court composed only of Law Enforcement officers.
13) Qualified immunity should only be denied if the individual officer was sued previously for the same “unlawful actions or actions violating clearly established law.”
14) “Brady cops” do not exist. Perjury in previous cases should not be a factor in judging a officer’s truthfulness and violates their privacy
15) It is illegal to make a false accusation against a Police officer.
16) Police Dash Cam, Police and Jail surveillance video videos should only be used to protect Police, not as a internal affairs “gotcha-head hunter” tool.
17) Police officers accused of misconduct should notified of all incriminating evidence or witness statements, be able to review it without a investigator looking into their actions during that process and remain silent for a 72 hours cooling off period afterwards. Additionally the officer has 10 days to get an attorney before they can be questioned by superiors, An officer may not be investigated on a brutality accusation unless it was made within 90 days of the incident.
18) A complaint against a law enforcement officer that alleges brutality in the execution of the law enforcement officer's duties may not be investigated unless the complaint is sworn to, before an official authorized to administer oaths, by the aggrieved individual, a member of the aggrieved individual's immediate family. an individual with firsthand knowledge obtained because the individual was present at and observed the alleged incident or the parent or guardian of the minor child, if the alleged incident involves a minor child.
(19) Unless a complaint is filed within 90 days after the alleged brutality, an investigation that may lead to disciplinary action under this subtitle for brutality may not be initiated and an action may not be taken.
(20) Before an interrogation, the law enforcement officer under investigation shall be informed in writing of the nature of the investigation.
(21) The interrogation shall take place at the office of the command of the investigating officer or at the office of the local precinct or police unit in which the incident allegedly occurred, as designated by the investigating officer or at another reasonable and appropriate place.
The interrogation shall be conducted at a reasonable hour, preferably when the law enforcement officer is on duty and h) Conduct of interrogation.-
(22) All questions directed to the law enforcement officer under interrogation shall be asked by and through one interrogating officer during any one session of interrogation. (23) Each session of interrogation shall be for a reasonable period; and allow for personal necessities and rest periods as reasonably necessary. Threat of transfer, dismissal, or disciplinary action prohibited.- The law enforcement officer under interrogation may not be threatened with transfer, dismissal, or disciplinary action.
(24) A complete record shall be kept of the entire interrogation, including all recess periods, of the law enforcement officer. The record may be written, taped, or transcribed.
On completion of the investigation, and on request of the law enforcement officer under investigation or the law enforcement officer's counsel or representative, a copy of the record of the interrogation shall be made available at least 10 days before a hearing. 
(25) It is illegal to engage in Contempt of Cop behavior, taunting, provoking, disrespecting the law enforcement officer or questioning his knowledge of the Law.
(26) Amendment to the US Constitution that the Law Enforcement Bill of Rights. takes precedent over other "Civil Rights" in the Bill of Rights.

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