I call on the power of the MoonBat. All College Professors, Art Directors, Newspaper Editors, Overpaid TV Reporters, Anyone else with a IQ of 80 or Below. Heed the call of MoonBatman.

Rand Paul Supporter Stomps on Woman's Head

Stupid wingnuts teabaggers will not admit they attacked Lauren Valle for just innocently standing there holding a sign (RepubliCorp) that completely destroys their idiotic corrupt World View.
After being thrown to the ground, they all repeatedly stomped on her until she was dead. They raped her corpse and Tim Profitt bit her head off.
Rand Paul now has her headless corpse impaled on a 15 foot spike next to his lawn Jockey and her head rests on his mantle.
It is all on unedited video and the Media just ignores it.
Peace out. The power is yours.

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