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Epic Stupid whining Faux Noise Wingnut Butthurt

Megyn Kelly Blames Democrats' 'Class Warfare Narrative' for Arsonist in Cape Cod Unlike the violence promoted by Glenn Beck, this violence is justified by the economy being in the tank, millions of people out of work, the record profits on Wall Street, the oppression of the Poor by the Rich getting richer and increasing income disparity. They are lucky they did not get the treatment they deserve. Like what Persecuted Political Prisoner and Social Justice Warrior Steven Hayes did to the rich Fatcat Petit family.

Stop the Smears

Epic Stupid whining Wingnut Butthurt against the woman who bravely recanted the true story of her rape after being swiftboated with illegal wiretapped video and should not be named for pity and sisterhood against the rape culture.
Prosecutors decided it was time to reveal to Ndonye the possible existence of the video. The moment they did, her story collapsed under the weight of her prevarications and the truth came cascading out. Madeline Singas, the county’s chief sex crimes prosecutor, said to her: "If there is a video, and I get that video, it’s going to show me that what you’re saying is true?" Ndonye sat silent for several long moments, Singas said. Then Ndonye admitted that sex with the young men had been consensual. She made up the twisted tale because she didn't want her schoolmates -- particularly her new boyfriend -- to think she was "easy."

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