I call on the power of the MoonBat. All College Professors, Art Directors, Newspaper Editors, Overpaid TV Reporters, Anyone else with a IQ of 80 or Below. Heed the call of MoonBatman.

A “Both Sides Do It” for the Ages

Nothing on MSNBC compares to this.
Not even  the false Wingnut claim of Maddow on MSNBC claiming that teabagger Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) had some kind of prior knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing is as bad as that smear. She corrected it as a editing error

Katie Pavlich on Fox noise swiftboated the trained professionals of the NYPD claiming they "accidentally shot nine innocent bystanders on the streets of New York" because “they had never shot their guns in a situation before 'cause Michael Bloomberg doesn't let them practice.” . Does she not understand that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have said they believe the officers followed proper protocol. So the whole matter can be dropped like the Fast and Furious witch hunt.
Peace Out.

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