I call on the power of the MoonBat. All College Professors, Art Directors, Newspaper Editors, Overpaid TV Reporters, Anyone else with a IQ of 80 or Below. Heed the call of MoonBatman.

Fox Noise must be destroyed!!!!1!

Fox News must be silenced, and Progressives everywhere support Media Matters and anyone else who is working to shut them down. 

Once the sloping-forehead sheeple in flyover country are no longer fed a diet of Fox News lies they will stop voting against their own interests and begin to elect the Progressive politicians who will usher in an era of social justice and equality for all.

There is no room in this country for a media empire built on fear and lies.  Free speech is OK up to a point, but dangerous fascists like Fox News should not be allowed to spew their garbage.  They must be shut down, hopefully jailed.

Then we will have the Progressive future we all deserve.

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  1. # Blogger Winding down

    Yeh. Screw that free speech shit!!!  

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